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LTK-27 Options

                Maglock Lock Out


Locks Machine lid closed while in service

                  Data Logging


Complete data logging capabilities

        5" Touch Screen HMI w/ Webserver


Control and monitor the machine from the HMI, your desktop computer, or remotely using your smart phone. Get text message alerts. Get NCC issued updates and trouble shooting. User’s manual right on screen.



                            Alarm Tie-In


N/O output designated for operations alarm tie-in point.

TC-20 & LT-100 Options

The TC-20 and LT-100 options can include any of the above listed as well as as the following:


 3 Stage signal light w/audible alarm.


Your TC-20 or LT-100 can also be set up with signal lights and audible warning alarm.

LT-250, LT375, & LT-400 Options

The larger units can include any of the above options, and/or the following as well:

                            DIU - Drop-in-unit

Have smaller batches or test runs and don't want to waste all your liquid nitrogen in your larger machine? This little unit is designed to sit inside your larger machine, while optimizing the controls and functionality of the larger machine, but only using a fraction of the liquid nitrogen.

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